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Digital Signal Processors - tuning 

Some modern day cars make it impossible to change the driver audio interface for an aftermarket source unit, and more often than not the audio control of the system is very limited.
A digital signal processor commonly referred to as a DSP is an interface that sits between the audio source and the vehicle speakers , which allows for additional inputs sources to be connected, additional amplifers, and opens up a whole new level of car audio tuning
Installing and tuning a DSP should be performed by an experienced installer, and some simple tuning can be achieve by most installers. Jeremy Owen is a very experienced installer with over 20 years experience and seasoned Car audio competitor, Jeremy has superior knowledge when it comes to tuning car audio systems

Multi Award winning, car audio system tuning, for Helix, Audison, Mosconi, Hertz

Helix DSP's

Audiotec Fischer, have designed a really strong and efficent tunnig platform which is used for their range of DSP's including Brax, Helix and Match .

Gladen Mosconi

Gladen Mosconi 4to6

Highest resolution, e.g. time delay in 0,02 msec/step, Q in steps of 0.001 Parametric and Graphic EQ with up to 30 (para-graphical) bands per channel pair All settings in real-time USB and BT adapter (MOS-BTM), for adjusting by PC and Android smart phone apps Low-level or High-level input with auto-sense (only by High-Level) Aux input with auto-sense for stereo signal Hands-free and mobile navigation 4 presets Mixer matrix to realize all possible mixtures and couple input and output channels as desired Intuitive User Interface and video tutorials to avoid an instruction book. Operating also without mouse, only with keys for an easy adjusting in the car DSP Technology made by cooperation MOSCONI-GLADEN Designed and made by MOSCONI, Italy GLADEN DSP 4to6 SP-DIF Like a DSP 4to6 but with digital input output Digital inputs optical and coaxial SP-Dif SP-Dif output (optical) with volume-regulated signal from channel 1+2. Note: with the digital master/slave possibility you can create a 12, 16, 24, 32…channel DSP! (Digital out and then digital in)

Tuning Service

Highdown Car Audio in Worthing are specialists in Car Audio System tuning

Car Audio System Tuning Service

Car Audio system tuning can be a lengthy process which must be performed methodically, in order to get the system right. Thankfully we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to allow us to set up your car audio system, including setting gains on amplifiers, crossovers adjustments, phase testing and setting of EQ's and time aligning